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Scalable Systems
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Scalable systems with high performance and high productivity (HP2C) contribute to developments of new business by achieving business breakthrough. It is this kind of HP2C system that is required in enterprise computing today.


Making the most of our experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) business, we support our customers and partners to establish TRUE scalable systems based on our HP2C concept. Scalable Systems provides perfect solutions for business and workflow of our customers.


It makes us so unique that, with our advantages in HPC business, we can provide the most suitable HPC solution to every workflow of every customer, which is improved by our consultations on new technologies and effective use of them.
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Company's Welcome
The following is a message from representative. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a moment to read it.

Scalable Systems Co., Ltd. - Company Overview
Scalable Systems was established in June, 2005, to provide technology consultations and products to our customers. There would not just be risks of investing in technologies, but also they would be caused by not investing in them. It is required for organizations to choose the most appropriate timing for investment, not too early and not too late. And also company-wide unity is required for large projects and strategic business negotiation as well as appropriate technical advices, which are key factors for success.

"SSTC" is the logo mark of Scalable Systems.

The "SS" in our logo "SSTC" stands for "Scalable Systems," reflecting our company name. The "TC" encompasses several meanings, signifying not only "Technology Consultation," which represents a core aspect of our services, but also embodies the relationship we aspire to build with our clients based on "Trust and Collaboration." This dual significance underlines our commitment to providing expert technological guidance while fostering a reliable and cooperative partnership with those we serve.

People may be unfamiliar with the word "scalable", but we hear it used frequently in the computer world and it is one of the most important points that could affect the future of computer.  Then, why is being "scalable" important in the world of the computer?Being "scalable" reflects the fact that investment in the computers and invested properties are effective and productive.
We believe the word "scalable" is the key to extract maximum leverage from computers without wasting precious investment. Because of rapid technological innovation and the expansion of the system scale, scalability in a small segment of the complicated system is not sufficient. It is necessary to define the value and significance of the "scalable" system in the future business.

Scalable Systems is selling high value-added products.

Our target market is niche, but this niche market is very important and having high value. Maximizing the benefits of flexibility, the company aims to grow in a specific market.

We are thinking basis of high value-added products is "a unique technology and innovation". For our business, we are working to enhance the competitiveness of business, but also to enhance the technology to understand the needs of market. We must go there to conduct product development and marketing needs.

"Fueki Ryuko" is our compmay and business policy.

It is  meaning that creativity derives from the synthesis of tradition and innovation.
Fueki Ryukou is a phrase attributed to the great haiku poet, Matsuo Basho.
Fueki simply means " no change" and refers to values of a permanent and enduring nature.
Ryuko, on the other hand, means "changing fashions of the time" and refers to newness, innovation, originality or unconventional values that would break with old ways in a revolutionary manner.
The two words can be interpreted in more ways than one. Fueki, for instance, can represent unchanging tradition while ryuko can represent changing fashion. Since the two are contradictory there should be a kind of creative tension generated between them.

Scalable Systems Co., Ltd. - Company Data

Scalable Systems Co. Ltd.
Business Outline
  • Providing business and technical consulting to enterprises.
  • Sales, maintenance and support of computers , storage , network systems and software.
  • Information services related to high-end computing.
Establishment June, 2005
Representative Director Takahiko Tomuro ( Greeting )
(2007.07 - )
Panasas Inc (USA)
(2007.07 - )
Location Tokyo Kojimachi Office (map)
BUREX Kojimachi 11F
3-5-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083 Japan
Tel:+81-(0)3-5875-4718  Fax:+81-(0)3-3237-7612

Osaka Office ( map)
4-4-2, Kita-Kuhouji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 541-0057 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)6-6224-4115

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Scalable Systems offers highly reliable and consistent consultation services based on considerable
experience and accomplishments, to provide most suitable systems, planning, development, operation
and maintenance for customers, understanding true needs of customers.
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