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We provide products support service and also helps troubleshoot the hardware or, optionally, the core operating systems (Windows/Linux).

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Warranty page outlining the types of coverage that we offer and the procedures needed to file for a warranty claim.

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Speed up your innovations with our Product Integration Solution.
Scalable Systems is working as a Partner Reseller responsible for HPC OEMs vendors in Japan. And also SSTC is supporting to develop new partners in APAC including Japan for these HPC OEMs. SSTC is providing developing sales and marketing strategy and build industry relationship to maximize penetration and revenue in the the companies products.

Meet business needs faster with products and partner integration Solution. Customers gain a standards-based platform for integrating and service. Standards-based platform can be expanding several solution systems with our partners solutions. Common platform, value added solution is introduced by SSTC. This new platform solution can contribute significantly to improve the cost-effectiveness and also have flexibility.

Products and Service
High Performance Workstation
Delivering the highest performance optimized solution for demanding 2D/3D CAD and Simulation applications in the Automotive, Aerospace, Life Sciences, Energy and other compute intensive markets, the workstation line capitalizes on our expertise in safe overclocking and industrial grade liquid cooling, as well as implementing advanced technologies from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and advanced SSD Technology.

HF Server
The new HF servers deliver unmatched performance for High Frequency Trading, Low Latency and Quantitative Investing applications. Key metrics for High-Frequency Trading are latency and computing speed, or the time it takes to actually process a trade. With the HF servers, CIARA Technologies advanced hardware design and optimzed firmware tuning deliver an unparalleled performance to the fastest servers from major server vendors.
The HF servers run on the latest Intel processors which can go into turbo mode when required. But using the turbo mode creates jitter, something that traders want to avoid at all costs. CIARA's proprietary design and optimization turns off all unnecessary cores and locks the remaining ones into an optimized mode.

Rack Server (HPC & GPU servers)
From component selection to the latest in system architecture, Servers are designed to provide you with uninterrupted service, and help you meet all your business needs. The server is available in Tower or Rack-mount (1U, 2U and 3U) format. In addition to supporting outstanding processing performance, the Servers support high levels of I/O performance in a flexible, cost-effective fashion. For pure growth potential and speed in an x64 rack server, the server line is the fastest, most reliable, and most expandable one-way and two-way server in its class. The servers are based on Intel Xeon Processors and AMD EPYC that support many new Intel advanced server technologies. New technologies mean enhanced performance. Intel Multi-Core processing power lies at the heart of the server.

Scale-Out NAS
The Panasas ActiveStor Scale-Out NAS products meet the demands of a massively parallel data movement by offering scalable performance and capacity via an object-based approach to Storage. With simple management and a single virtual namespace, Panasas is truly accelerating time to results for engineers and scientists. Linux clusters have evolved as the computational solution in engineering and science environments. To generate true business value from these cluster computing advances, organizations require a scalable, easy-to-manage and cost-effective way to administer the large datasets at the core of these efforts.

Scalable Systems offers highly reliable and consistent consultation services based on considerable
experience and accomplishments, to provide most suitable systems, planning, development, operation
and maintenance for customers, understanding true needs of customers.
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