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Company Overview
Company Overview Presentation - Products and Service Overview flip book

Support Service
We provide products support service and also helps troubleshoot the hardware or, optionally, the core operating systems (Windows/Linux).

Products Warranty
Warranty page outlining the types of coverage that we offer and the procedures needed to file for a warranty claim.

Support Request:
For issues, customer may communicate with us using the Contact Form or through email:

Quote Request
Request a quote here to get pricing, offers and product information through email:

Inquiry Request
For Product Inquiry, Information Request. Please use the Contact Form or through email:

Call us
Call us

Call the toll free number 0120-090715 (Japan domestic only) or
local number +813-5875-4718 for international.

Support hours for new questions are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. JST ( Japan Standard Time in UTC+9)

Mail Address List
E-mail Contact

Following link can automatically open a new e-mail in your default e-mail client with e-mail address. An SSTC representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Support Contact:
Inquiry Request:
Quote Request:
Consultation Contact:

Contact Form
WEB Form (Support Request/Quote Request/Inquiry Request)

Please complete the form below to help us understand your requests. An SSTC representative will be in contact with you shortly. To help us deal with your enquiry efficiently please fill in as many details as possible.
Attached file is not supported by WEB Form, and please use E-mail contact.
Scalable Systems offers highly reliable and consistent consultation services based on considerable
experience and accomplishments, to provide most suitable systems, planning, development, operation
and maintenance for customers, understanding true needs of customers.
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