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Press Release

July 31, 2007

Scalable Systems Distributes "HP2C" Products - Leading-Edge High-Performance and Hi-Productivity Computing Systems in Japan

Turnkey Consultation Supports Immediate, Affordable and Best Suited System Integrations for Customer Needs

Scalable Systems today announced that it began distribution of VXTECH (Division of CIARA Technologies) server products and Panasas ActiveStor Parallel Storage Clusters in Japan to address customer demand for high-performance and hi-productivity computing system needs. Scalable Systems works with CIARA, Panasas and other vendors to design and develop these high-performance systems to meet exact customer requirements and provide a variety of solutions to integrate best suited systems to customers workloads.

The following products are now available through Scalable Systems;

Panasas ActiveStor Parallel Storage Cluster

The Panasas ActiveStor parallel storage solution meet the demands of a massively parallel data movement by offering scalable performance and capacity via an object-based approach to storage. With simple management and a single virtual namespace, Panasas accelerates time to results for engineers and scientists. Linux clusters have evolved as the computational solution in engineering and science environments. To generate true business value from these cluster computing advances, organizations require a scalable, easy-to-manage and cost-effective way to administer the large datasets at the core of these efforts.

NEXXUS 4000 Personal Cluster

The NEXXUS 4000R is a pedestal Personal Cluster for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market. This IntelR Core?2 Duo Processors based cluster server is the ideal platform for clients who have technical or mission-critical applications that require high processor count and fast interconnect.
Based on a pedestal design, the NEXXUS 4000R is an alternative to traditional datacenter centric solution. NEXXUS is a Personal Cluster system for IT or Research departments looking to leverage the benefits of IntelR standardization.
With the flexibility to accommodate 8 Dual Core IntelR processors (16 cores), the NEXXUS 4000R is the perfect answer to your increasing computing needs.

FUSION1200 x86 SMP System

FUSION 1200 is a scalable 12-processor SMP system for the High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) market. Available in both deskside and 19-inch rack-mount design, the FUSION 1200 is a scalable alternative to traditional RISC based servers. FUSION 1200 Series is an enterprise-class system for an IT department looking to leverage the benefits of Intel standards in a data center. With the flexibility to grow from 12 to 48 Intel Xeon processors (single or dual core), the FUSION 1200 Series scales beyond conventional Intel based platforms while delivering superior price-performance compared to traditional high-end servers. The SMP operational model of the FUSION 1200 provides reduced management costs compared to clusters. This Intel Xeon processor based server, supporting Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology and the ScaleMP vSMP architecture, is the ideal platform for clients with applications that require high processor count and large shared memory.


VXRACK? is the world's most dense cluster system. It delivers unparalleled computing power, scalability, redundancy and performance for HPC needs. VXRACK? achieves extreme high-density architecture by using commodity off-the-shelf Intel components. It triples the current rack density using 1U servers and surpasses any other blade technology. VXRACK? achieves excellence in terms of computing power (more than 3.45 Tflops per rack space). With onboard PCI slot, each VXBLADE? can operate with off-the-shelf PCI add-on cards, such as InfiniBand, Quadrics, FC HBA or others to fulfill today's stringent application requirements VXRACK? will set the industry standard.

VXPRO Server

From component selection to the latest in system architecture, VXPROR Servers are designed to provide you with uninterrupted service, and help you meet all your business needs. The VXPROR server is available in Tower or Rack-mount (1U, 2U and 3U) format. In addition to supporting outstanding processing performance, the VXPROR Servers support high levels of I/O performance in a flexible, cost-effective fashion. For pure growth potential and speed in an x64 rack server, the VXPROR server line is the fastest, most reliable, and most expandable one-way and two-way server in its class. The VXPROR servers are based on IntelR Core?2 Duo or IntelR XeonR Processors that support many new IntelR advanced server technologies. New technologies mean enhanced performance. Intels Dual-Core processing power lies at the heart of the VXPROR server line. Hardware virtualization technology now comes built into every processor. Add fully-buffered DIMM memory and the result is up to a 150% performance increase for processor-intensive applications. In addition to improving performance, we have also lowered system power consumption by more than 20%, for an overall 190% improvement in performance per watt.

For detailed information on HP2C products, please go to:

"As our main Japanese partner and provider of VXTECH High Performance systems such as NEXXUS Personal Cluster and VXRACK High Density Server, Scalable Systems continues to address customers' growing demands for high performance, high density, energy-efficient servers" said Patrick Scateni, vice president of VXTECH, division of Ciara Technologies.

Our goal at Panasas is to provide the highest performance and easiest to manage parallel storage solutions for HPC customers, said Len Rosenthal, chief marketing officer at Panasas. With the help of our valued partner Scalable Systems, we look forward to expanding the deployment of Panasas solutions in Japan.

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Scalable Systems was established in June, 2005, to provide technology consultations to our customers.

Accelerating breakthrough ideas requires high performance and high productivity systems along with a high-security and robust operating environment designed for high efficiency. Scalable Systems addresses this requirement with our HP2C(High Performance and High Productivity Computing) concept. We free our customers from complicated management of systems and let them focus on their original tasks.

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